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March 18,2011

Citing Paraphrased Work in 万博手机官网APA Style

盖McAdooby Timothy McAdoo

As thePublication Manual指出,citing your sources is imperative: "Whether paraphrasing,quoting an author directly,or describing an idea that influenced your work,you must credit the source"(p.170).

But,we are sometimes asked how a writer can properly and clearly attribute multiple ideas within a paragraph yet maintain a readable and interesting text.

It's a challenge!If you include a 万博手机版登录citation only at the end of the paragraph,the reader won't know how many of the ideas in the previous sentences you are attributing to the cited author.But,including the 万博手机版登录citation at the end of each sentence,an absolutely clear and correct approach,can become redundant:

The cross-pollination and fusion of musical genres over the last 2 decades has exposed children to a diversity of musical styles (Viglione,2010).Technology has also made possible the distribution and sharing of music in exciting new ways (Viglione,2010).Music is shared through social media sites,analyzed and tailored for the individual listener via sites like Pandora,and simply given away by musicians on their websites (Viglione,2010).As a result,in the future,children will likely develop eclectic musical tastes early and expect a diversity of musical styles at younger and younger ages (Viglione,2010).

The paragraph above clearly attributes the work of Viglione (2010),but imagine a 20-page literature review written in this style!Pages 15–16 of thePublication Manualshow an example of how to paraphrase multiple ideas without this redundancy.

Can you rewrite the paragraph above in a way that avoids redundancy but maintains the attribution of all of the ideas?Submit your suggestions in the comments section!There are many ways to improve this paragraph,so we won't  post a "winner,"but we will follow up with comments and commendations on the suggested rewrites!


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