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November 27,2013

The First Thanksgiving: A Tale of Common Knowledge

Vintage-thanksgiving-clip-art-turkey-in-top-hat-with-restaurant-menusby The 万博手机官网APA Style Radio Theatre

(人群噪音,conversation,chairs squeaking,gradually give way to the sound of a gavel)

主席:女士们先生们。...安顿下来,if you please.Thank you.I hereby call to order the Autumn Assembly of the North American Society of Professional Nitpickers.代表整个集团,我想感谢餐饮委员会为我们刚刚享用的愉快的假日大餐。The turkey was roasted to a turn,the pies were superb,and the wine pairings were expertly chosen (aside from the sauterne and sauerkraut,but I shall not quibble with this fine Baltimore tradition).

在刷新状态下,let us now turn to the business at hand: establishing the core content of common knowledge about Thanksgiving.Now,as we all know,1621年,马萨诸塞州庆祝了第一个感恩节。...


CHAIR: Order!秩序!(gavel)主席承认来自弗吉尼亚州的代表。

VIRGINIA: Without wishing to be disagreeable in any way,I must respectfully contradict that statement.弗吉尼亚州的常识是,第一个感恩节是在12月4日在伯克利百家庆祝的,1619年——朝圣者抵达新大陆前一整年。

MASSACHUSETTS: Oh,not this again!Sure,一船人降落在弗吉尼亚州,宣布“每年向全能的上帝永远的感恩节”。But everybody knows the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Plymouth Colony in 1621.它每年都在电视上播出Peanutsspecial,the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.你见过有人穿上救生衣当约翰·伍德利夫船长吗?不!迈尔斯站着!

VIRGINIA: Apparently the honorable delegate from Massachusetts is unable to do the math—or the history,如果他认为漫画是普利茅斯历史数据的有效来源parvenus.

(Angry shouts of "Who you calling a parvenu?"等。,are interrupted by the sound of a pistol shot fired in the air.)

TEXAS: Glad I got your attention,因为我现在可以解决这个问题。The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in El Paso,Texas,by feller named Juan de Oñate.April 30,1598.Write that down,boys,这是官方的。Common knowledge,you might say.

FLORIDA: If we're going to count non-English settlers,what about my Huguenots?1564年6月,他们为了安全逃离法国庆祝感恩节。It was right near Jacksonville.

MASSACHUSETTS: Yeah,OK,they could be contenders.但他们现在在哪里?



伊利诺伊州:忘了殖民地的东西。We celebrate Thanksgiving today because of the federal holiday,which was started in 1863 by Abe Lincoln.


NEW YORK: And FDR did it last!



(Cries of "Sit down!", "So?",and "But you'reCanada!"drown out the rest of his speech.)

CHAIR: Ladies and gentlemen,there has been sufficient discussion.Let us proceed to the Showing of the References.

(Paper rustles as each delegate produces a list of references to substantiate his or her point.)

CHAIR: From the Showing of the References,it is clear that each of you has a well-supported claim to be representing common knowledge about the first Thanksgiving.Your information is factual,not mere opinion;it is well-established in the community in which it is used;and it is supported by evidence.这是共同知识的三个标准,and you have met them.I move that we adjourn to the bar for football.所有赞成者都说“赞成”。


椅子:运动进行。Happy Thanksgiving,everyone!

Facts that are common knowledge in one setting may need to be backed up by 万博手机版登录citations in another.Common knowledge is not an opinion ("Tamales are better than turkey") but a fact ("Thanksgiving is always on Thursday").

The Showing of the References

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