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March 17,2015


David Becker

By David Becker

Dear 万博手机官网APA Style Experts,

I want to cite an illustrated book and give proper credit to the illustrator,but I can't find an example of how to do that in thePublication Manual.Can you give me some guidance?

Edward G.

Dear Edward,

Unfortunately,thePublication Manualdoesn't have the space to accommodateexamples for every type of 万博手机版登录citation situation(cite-uation?).But,even though the manual doesn't specifically mention how to cite an illustrator,the basic book reference format described on pages 202–203 still applies to your cite-uation.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the goal of a reference is not necessarily to provide proper credit—it's more about directing your readers to the right source.这两个目标通常是并驾齐驱的,but not always.例如,if you're citing a book that includes illustrations that aren't essential elements of the book,crediting the illustrator is probably not necessary—this information will likely not assist readers in finding the original source.

TakeAlice's Adventures in Wonderlandfor example.The illustrations by Sir John Tenniel are very well-known,but the book can function perfectly fine without them,and your readers won't need to know his name to find the source.With that in mind,here's what the reference would look like:

Carroll,L.(2006).Alice's adventures in Wonderland & through the looking-glass.New York,NY: Bantam Dell.(Original work published 1865)

Even if you were writing specifically about these illustrations,you would still use the same reference information,as well as the standard author–date format for parenthetical 万博手机版登录citations.You could simply refer to the illustrator and his work in your narrative: "Sir John Tenniel's illustrations are excellent examples of surreal art from the 1800s (Carroll,1865/2006)."

Alice in Wonderland

However,when citing a book where the illustrations are essential to understanding the content—a children's picture book or a graphic novel,例如,可以同时引用作者和插图画家,especially if they are both given cover credit.But,you don't need to worry about their roles.Keep it simple and cite the book as you would cite a non-illustrated book with more than one author.Take杀死比尔for example:

布朗M.W.,& Hurd,C.(2007).Goodnight moon.New York,NY: HarperCollins.(Original work published 1947)

Although Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd are clearly identified on the book's front cover as the author and the illustrator,分别there's no need to indicate this in your reference entry.

坚持这一基本引文格式的一个好处是,你可以很容易地将其应用于封面上没有明确指定作者万博手机版登录和插画者角色的书籍。which is the case with the graphic novelWatchmen:

Moore,A.,& Gibbons,D.(1986).Watchmen.New York,NY: DC Comics.

Note that although John Higgins is credited as the colorist inside the book,he's not named on the front cover.Therefore,it's not necessary to cite him for retrievability purposes—justcite what you see在前盖上。

这种简单的引文格式也适用万博手机版登录于没有作者的无词图画书。only an illustrator:

Becker,A.(2013).Journey.Somerville,MA: Candlewick Press.

If you're trying to cite an illustrated book,I hope this information will help you resolve your cite-uation.If not,please leave a comment below orcontact us.


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