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March 01,2017

DOI Display Guidelines Update (March 2017)

Timothy McAdooby Timothy McAdoo

Do you know Crossref?Crossref是一个组织”working to make content easy to find,link,cite,and assess"(Crossref,2016).One of their services is to register digital object identifiers (DOIs),and we follow their guidelines for display of DOIs.DOI image-sm

Effective March 2017,Crossref has updated their DOI display guidelines,in part to ensure security (with https).For more details,seehttps://www.crossref.org/display-guidelines/andhttps://www.crossref.org/blog/new-crossref-doi-display-guidelines-are-on-the-way/

Their new recommended format looks like this:


And here's how that looks in an 万博手机官网APA Style reference:

Morey,C.C.,Cong,Y.,Zheng,Y.,Price,M.,& Morey,R.D.(2015).The color-sharing bonus: Roles of perceptual organization and attentive processes in visual working memory.Archives of Scientific Psychology,3,18–29.https://doi.org/10.1037/arc0000014

Note the securehttpsand the simple url prefixdoi.org.

Although we recommend moving to the new format,in 万博手机官网APA Style manuscripts,we will be accepting the older formats (doi:10.1037/arc0000014 orhttp://dx.doi.org/10.1037/arc0000014) or the new format (https://doi.org/10.1037/arc0000014).

We recommend that you pick one format to use consistently throughout a reference list.

We will begin using the new format in our examples on this blog from this point forward.But,to clarify,in your manuscripts or papers,all of the following are currently considered correct 万博手机官网APA Style:


Crossref.(2016).Annual report 15–16.Retrieved from https://www.crossref.org/pdfs/annual-report-2015-16.pdf


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