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April 25,2013

How to Cite a News Report


David Becker

Have you ever seen a news report that just happened to relate to the topic of a paper you were writing?Did you really want to cite that report but just didn't know how?For example,假设你正在写一篇关于心理障碍及其治疗的历史论文。By sheer coincidence,you saw a report about historical DC scandals that covered the tragic tale ofHenry Rathbone,who was sitting next to President Lincoln when he was assassinated.拉什本在退却时被约翰·威尔克斯·布思刺伤,由于这一创伤性事件,他在余生都遭受了心理伤害。"This would be a perfect example for my paper!"you think.Unfortunately,实况新闻广播不是retrievable sourcein and of itself.然而,if you can track down a retrievable version of that report or another source containing the same information,你可以引用它。

许多新闻机构,whether they are large 24-hour networks or small local stations,让他们的现场新闻报道的档案可以在他们的网站上查看。You would cite such reports as you wouldcite a YouTube videoor any other kind of streaming video.以下是如何引用上述报告的在线版本:

华盛顿丑闻的历史回顾[Video file].(2013,2月15日)。Retrieved fromhttp://www.wjla.com/video/2013/02/a-historical-look-back-at-dc-scandals.html

In-text 万博手机版登录citation: ("A Historical Look,"2013)

Notice that the title of the video has been moved to the author position.这是因为没有指定上传视频的人的名字(参见第页的示例9)。200 of the出版手册for more information).还请注意,视频标题应倾斜。

假设地,let's say you were not able to find the report you saw on TV.在这种情况下,最好不要太担心引用报告本身。You can instead use it as a springboard for further research.There may well be other sources that contain the same information,perhaps even better information,than the report you saw.For example,if you did a little digging for more information about Henry Rathbone,you might find the article cited below that provides much more detail than the TV news report:

Ruane,ME.(2009)April 5).悲剧的第二幕。《华盛顿邮报》杂志.Retrieved fromhttp://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/03/27/AR2009032701576.html

In-text 万博手机版登录citation: (Ruane,2009)

我希望这篇文章能帮助你找出如果你看到一篇你想纳入研究的新闻报道该怎么做。如果您对此或任何其他主题有任何疑问,feel free to联系我们.Your question may inspire a future blog post!

December 20,2012



by Jeff Hume-Pratuch

Winter Storm Draco is currently bringing a better-than-average chance of a white Christmas to the Midwest.Although it's not slated to affect us here at 万博手机官网APA Style HQ,I sort of envy you folks in Des Moines and Milwaukee—there's nothing better on a snowy night than curling up with a warm drink and watching some holiday TV.

With that in mind,here are a few examples of how to cite the can't-miss fare that's streaming across the airwaves this weekend.Grab a seat by the fire and pass the cocoa!

Burton,T.(Producer),& Selick,H.(Director).(1993)。圣诞节前的噩梦[电影]。United States: Touchstone.

Roman,P.(Producer & Director).(2000).Grandma got run over by a reindeer[电视特别节目]。Atlanta,GA: Cartoon Network.

Sager,T.(作家)斯卡迪诺,D.(Director).(2007).路达希马斯[电视连续剧集]。In T.Fey (Executive producer),30 Rock.New York,NY: National Broadcasting Company.

史密斯,G.(Executive producer),Hemion,D.(Executive producer),粘结剂,年代。(Director).(1978).TheStar Wars holiday special[电视特别节目]。New York,纽约:CBS广播。

茎,JD.(作家)Weiss,D.(作家)& Muzquiz,R.(Director).(1996)。Chanukah [Television series episode].In V.Coffey,G.Csupo,& A.Klasky (Executive producers),Rugrats.New York,NY: Nickelodeon.

The 万博手机官网APA Style staff enjoys a warm beverage before our annual viewing of the Star Wars Holiday Special

Still feeling a bit "Bah,humbug!"-ish?Check out our 万博手机官网APA Styleholiday playlist: certified to banish dull care by the Ghosts of Christmases Past,Present,andFuture (and you know how grumpyis).We'll be back in January.APA风格的节日快乐!万博手机官网

Note:Example 1 has been edited to include the country of origin,如第209页建议Publication Manual.Examples 4 and 5 have been edited to clarify the roles of each contributor(10/12/16).

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